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Found 9 similar matches for "exactly.me" based on search in English language and on 2+ [auto]keyword(s)*:

Domain nameDatePriceBroker
exactly.meOctober 2013$ 7,499.00 USDBrands-and-Jingles
exactlyme.comFebruary 2014$ 1,500.00 USDBrands-and-Jingles
exactlyme.comSeptember 2013$ 1,195.00 USDBrands-and-Jingles/HugeDomains
exactlyright.comAugust 2014$ 473.00 USDGoDaddy
exactly.co.ukApril 2016£ 265.00 GBPDomainLore
exactlywhatiwanted.comApril 2007$ 260.00 USDSedo auction
notexactlybento.comJuly 2014$ 110.00 USDAfterNIC/GoDaddy
exactly.meApril 2010$ 102.00 USDNameJet
exactly.ioMay 2015$ 71.00 USDFlippa auction

Total price amount in this set of 9 domain name sales is 11,586.42 USD; average price is 1,287.38 USD.