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Found 6 similar matches for "kik.lt" based on search in English and Turkish languages and on 2+ [auto]keyword(s)*:

Domain nameDatePriceBroker
kik.deMarch 2014€ 178,500.00 EURSedo
kik.irFebruary 2018€ 7,250.00 EURSedo
kik.dkNovember 2017€ 6,000.00 EURSedo
kik.ltDecember 2017€ 5,000.00 EURSedo
kik.ptOctober 2017€ 5,000.00 EURSedo
bui.ltApril 2013$ 899.00 USDSedo auction

Total price amount in this set of 6 domain name sales is 274,787.41 USD; average price is 45,797.90 USD.