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Found 7 similar matches for "schekel.com" based on search in Dutch language and on 2+ [auto]keyword(s)*:

Domain nameDatePriceBroker
schekel.comFebruary 2018$ 6,500.00 USDSedo
israelinewshekel.comMay 2015$ 105.00 USDGoDaddy
50shekel.comApril 2017$ 83.00 USDGoDaddy auction
newshekel.comNovember 2015$ 35.00 USDFlippa auction
thekellylove.comDecember 2013$ 25.00 USDGoDaddy
honehekelodge.comAugust 2014$ 10.00 USDGoDaddy
newshekel.comNovember 2015$ 6.00 USDFlippa auction

Total price amount in this set of 7 domain name sales is 6,764.00 USD; average price is 966.29 USD.