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Found 5 similar matches for "snipes.com" based on search in English language and on 1+ [auto]keyword(s)*:

Domain nameDatePriceBroker
snipes.comDecember 2012$ 50,000.00 USDAfterNIC
snipes.co.ukOctober 2011$ 2,450.00 USDSedo
shottysnipes.comFebruary 2012$ 225.00 USDGoDaddy
stephaniesnipes.comDecember 2016$ 17.00 USDGoDaddy auction
bufordpatsnipes.comJanuary 2014$ 10.00 USDGoDaddy

Total price amount in this set of 5 domain name sales is 52,702.00 USD; average price is 10,540.40 USD.