If you want to have the power of DNPric.es database integrated into your system or locally on your computer, the following data dumps will come handy. Many of our clients use our datasets while building up their investment portfolios to identify the most valuable Internet assets.

Historic domain name sales package *
Price Download link
Top 1,000 sales $0.00
Top 10,000 sales (these currently include known sales above $20,000.00) $149.00

Top 100,000+ sales (these currently include known sales above $2,000.00) $749.00

Top 300,000+ sales (these currently include known sales above $555.55) $1499.00

All 3,000,000+ sales $2,999.00

All 3,500,000++ records (these also include sales with other assets and auctions with unmet reserves) $3,499.00

* Included data fields are: domain name, top/second/upper level domain, internationalised domain name (if any), year of the sale, value in US dollars. Please see the free top 1,000 dataset to get the flavour of what you will get.

Current domain name prices **
Price Download link
Registra.rs prices (2000+ upper level domains x 100+ registrars ~ 35k+ triple pricing records) $499.00

** Included data fields are: upper level domain (TLD or SLD), registrar, {amount + currency + USD value } x {registration + renewal + transfer} prices.

Every data set is provided as ZIP compressed CSV file that can be processed by any major spreadsheet and/or database software, including MS Excel, MS Access, Google Documents, PhpMyAdmin, etc.


Money-back guarantee:

We are very confident that DNPric.es provides the most complete set of domain name pricing data. Should you find a competitor with a better set of historic and current values providing the same data at lower cost, we shall refund you the difference. This is a guarantee.


By default, every dataset comes with three downloads/updates. Until the end of 2014 this limit was dropped. From 2015, as DNPric.es rolled out premium services, those who purchased the datasets will get unlimited free daily updates as long as they are subscribed to the monthly premium package.


By purchasing DNPric.es datasets you agree to the following.


  • See the data, group it and extract anything from it for your personal, internal use.


  • Keep the received data secured away from any other third parties.
  • Report any theft or loss immediately to ” report @ dnpric . es “.
  • If you want to publish some single entries from the database or your own findings based on the received entries, please always refer to “DNPric.es” as the source.


  • You are not allowed to share the downloaded files with anyone else.
  • Never publish more than 100 database entries in one public place, be it an article, website, etc.
  • You agree not to publish received data in any way that may allow any other third parties to reconstruct the original datasets, either entirely or partially (by partially we shall regard anything more than 5% of the data or more than 1000 data records.)


  • DNPric.es datasets are watermarked and may be traced to the original downloader.

If you have a specific query and / or would like to perform some tailored made data retrieval, please contact us for more information.

Also feel free to contact us if you wish to be able to publish related and similar sales on your portfolio listings.


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