Having made hundreds of our clients happy with the domain names of their choices we are very confident we can do the best job for you too.

A typical domain name acquisition case is about four to ten hours work, digging for the right info, pressing the right buttons and calling the right numbers. Then guiding the parties to move on and making the purchase pleasant and straight forward.

Usually our consultants work on a fixed rate. Other brokers take percentage. But then they are interested in selling high to earn higher commissions. Would you really like your broker to work against you? To make the process transparent all we ask is only $99.00 for the case delivered. This is unbeatable deal taking all the known-how and negotiation skills you shall benefit from.

If the acquisition does not go through or you decide to change your mind within six months, we shall understand and refund you half of the fee. This again incentives us to do the maximum of the job for you.

No hidden fees, no catches. Just standing by you and guiding you through the process. Topnotch privacy included. Please apply below.