Ever sold a symmetrical domain name?

Today, DNPric.es decided to entertain its audience by asking a tricky question:

What symmetrical domain name(s) have you seen?

“What is a symmetrical domain name???!!!”, you might retort!

Something that goes in symmetrically [horizontally] reversed order of letters at the dot. E.g., “pot.top”, or “tep.pet”, or “ed.de”. Or mirroring, for instance “dd.bb”, “id.bi”, “bid.bid”, “bliud.build”, “Ad.bA”, or “Aib3M.mEdiA”. We can also think of a rotational symmetry too, why not? “op.do” is the same “op.do” if you turn it 180o. Same holds for “nu.nu”, “oun.uno”, “qnd.pub”, “piq.bid”, “zznq.buzz”, and to a point for “uopuo1.London” and “p0.Od”…

Not limited to these, there are hundreds of combinations, especially if one uses similar characters and numbers, 0 (zero)  vs O, 4 vs A, … To note some, here goes a jotted list of  valid domain names that one can come up with in few minutes:

000.OOO, 02.SO, 03biV.VidEO, 05.SO, 0b.dO, 0ibuA.AudiO, 0ipnV.AudiO, 0nu.unO, 0S.SO, 0WI1.LIMO, 16.gL, 1A9.gAl, 1d.pL, 1i.iL, 1iVW3.EMAiL, 1u.nL, 1uo.onL, 1V6.gAL, 1Vq016.gLObAL, 1VqO16.gLObAL, 1W.ML, 1Y6.gAL, 1Yq016.gLObAL, 1YqO16.gLObAL, 223ni2ud.buSinEss, 23ilqqu2.suppliES, 29nibl0H.HOLdingS, 29niblOH.HOLdingS, 2A93V.VEgAS, 2AX.XYZ, 2d.bS, 2Iq.bIZ, 2lA3b.dEAlS, 2niAM0b.dOMAinS, 2niAMOb.dOMAinS, 2q.pS, 2u.nZ, 2u.uS, 2uAH.HAuS, 2ulq.pluS, 2W.WS, 2W3n.nEWS, 30W.MOE, 31YS.SALE, 32A31.lEASE, 32u0H.HOuSE, 32uOH.HOuSE, 33.EE, 35Y31.LEASE, 3A.VE, 3biu9.guide, 3d.pE, 3I.IE, 3lAS.SAlE, 3m.wE, 3M.WE, 3MAn.nAME, 3n0.OnE, 3no.onE, 3no5.ZonE, 3nos.zonE, 3OM.MOE, 3OW.MOE, 3p.dE, 3pin6.guide, 3q.bE, 3q.pE, 3SnOH.HOuSE, 3SY31.LEASE, 3u0.OnE, 3u0Z.ZOnE, 3ui1uo.onLine, 3uo.onE, 3uoz.zonE, 3V.VE, 3wYu.nAmE, 3WYu.nAME, 3Y.AE, 3ZA31.lEASE, 3Zu0H.HOuSE, 3ZuOH.HOuSE, 51Y3p.dEALS, 5316ui5.SingleS, 55ud.buZZ, 55V16.GLASS, 56.gs, 56uip1OH.HOLdingS, 59.gs, 5AX.XYZ, 5id.biZ, 5M.WS, 5n.nZ, 5n.uS, 5n1d.pLuS, 5pu0wVip.diAmOndS, 5puowVip.diAmondS, 5u.uZ, 5uiVWOp.dOMAinS, 5uVO1.LOAnS, 5V63A.VEgAS, 5Y63A.VEgAS, 65.sg, 66.gg, 6A.Vg, 6n.ug, 6q.bg, 6s.sg, 6u.ng, 6uiqwn1d.plumbing, 6V.Ag, 6w.mg, 6Y.Ag, 92.sg, 9d.bg, 9m.mg, 9n.ng, 9u.ug, 9v.vg, 9Z.sg, A3uow.monEY, A3uOW.monEY, A55iq.piZZA, A5Siq.piZZA, A6.gY, A9.gA, ab.ba, ac.ca, Ad.bA, ag.ga, AI2A.ASIA, Aib3M.mEdiA, aidem.media, AIH.HIV, aisa.asia, AIZA.ASIA, ajnin.ninja, al.la, am.ma, ap.pa, Ap.qA, Aq.bY, Aq.pA, aq.qa, aremac.camera, AS.SV, AS5iq.piZZA, ASSiq.piZZA, au.ua, Au.uA, AVpi1OH.HOLidAY, AW.MY, AX3S.SEXY, az.za, azzip.pizza, b0.Od, b9.gd, bac.cab, bb.bb, bi.id, bid.bid, bliud.build, blo9.gold, blog.gold, bm.md, bM.Md, bo.od, bulc.club, bup.pub, bw.mq, ca.ac, cc.cc, ce.ec, cinilc.clinic, cl.lc, cs.sc, ct.tc, cv.vc, cyn.nyc, d6.gp, dc.cd, dd.bb, dg.gd, di.id, dib.bid, dL3H.HELp, dliub.build, dlog.gold, dlrow.world, dm.md, dnal.land, duq.pub, dw.mp, e2a6a1b6b1i–nx.xn--i1b6b1a6a2e, ea.ae, eb.be, ecaps.space, ecnad.dance, ecneics.science, ed.de, edart.trade, ediug.guide, ee.ee, eeffoc.coffee, efil.life, egnahcxe.exchange, ei.ie, ej.je, ek.ke, ekib.bike, elas.sale, em.me, eman.name, enilno.online, eno.one, enoz.zone, eom.moe, ep.pe, er.re, erusni.insure, erutinruf.furniture, es.se, esael.lease, esuoh.house, etatse.estate, etisbew.website, etutitsni.institute, euqituob.boutique, ev.ve, f7vqn–nx.xn--nqv7f, fa.af, fn.nf, frus.surf, ft.tf, ftw.wtf, g344sd3–nx.xn--3ds443g, ga.ag, gb.bg, gc.cg, gg.gg, gk.kg, gm.mg, gn.ng, gnibmulp.plumbing, gnihtolc.clothing, gniniart.training, gnireenigne.engineering, gniretac.catering, gnitekram.marketing, gnithgil.lighting, gnitlusnoc.consulting, gnitsoh.hosting, gro.org, gs.sg, gt.tg, gu.ug, gv.vg, hc.ch, hcaoc.coach, hcruhc.church, hctaw.watch, Hd.PH, hp.ph, hs.sh, hsac.cash, htiaf.faith, htrae.earth, I2.SI, I5.SI, ia.ai, ib.bi, ibom.mobi, id.bi, if.fi, ik.ki, ikiw.wiki, iks.ski, il.li, iq.bi, iqow.mobi, is.si, IS.SI, ixat.taxi, IY.AI, iyf.fyi, IZ.SI, jd.dj, jt.tj, kcalb.black, kcilc.click, kd.dk, kh.hk, kl.lk, km.mk, kni.ink, knil.link, knip.pink, kp.pk, krow.work, krowten.network, ks.sk, kt.tk, ku.uk, la.al, lA9.gAl, labolg.global, lag.gal, laicnanif.financial, laicos.social, lanoitanretni.international, latipac.capital, lc.cl, let.tel, levart.travel, lg.gl, li.il, liame.email, llabtoof.football, lm.ml, ln.nl, lno.onl, lobtuf.futbol, looc.cool, lp.pl, lt.tl, ma.am, mb.bm, mc.cm, md.bm, md.dm, md.pw, mf.fm, mh.hm, mi.im, mik.kim, moc.com, MOH.HOW, mp.pm, mt.tm, MW.MW, n0bn0l.lOndOn, n0i2iV.ViSiOn, n0iZiV.ViSiOn, n3.Eu, n3iW.WiEn, nA.Vu, nc.cn, nefuak.kaufen, nehctik.kitchen, neiw.wien, nerednaalv.vlaanderen, nesier.reisen, nh.hn, nH.Hu, ni.in, nilreb.berlin, nk.kn, nleok.koeln, nm.mn, nobnol.london, nodnol.london, nOi2iV.ViSiOn, noisiv.vision, noitacude.education, noitcua.auction, nOiZiV.ViSiOn, np.pn, nq.pn, nreyab.bayern, ns.su, nu.nu, nu3W.MEnu, nV.Au, nv.vn, nW.Mu, O2.SO, O3biV.VidEO, O3pIA.video, O5.SO, ob.bo, ob.do, oc.co, od.do, oec.ceo, oediv.video, of.fo, ofni.info, oi.io, oibuA.Audio, oidua.audio, oipnV.Audio, oj.jo, omil.limo, on.no, onisac.casino, onu.uno, ooo.ooo, op.do, or.ro, orea.aero, orp.pro, os.so, OS.SO, ot.to, otohp.photo, otua.auto, ou.no, oun.uno, OWI1.LIMO, p0.Od, p106.goLd, p1inq.buiLd, p6.gd, paehc.cheap, pg.gp, pi.id, piq.bid, pj.jp, pleh.help, pm.mp, pm.mq, pot.top, pw.md, pW.Md, q9.gp, ql3H.HElp, qm.mp, qm.mq, qnd.pub, qq.bb, ra.ar, rac.car, ralos.solar, rb.br, rc.cr, reeb.beer, retnec.center, retupmoc.computer, reywal.lawyer, rf.fr, rg.gr, rh.hr, ri.ir, riaper.repair, rk.kr, rn.nr, rp.pr, S1Y3p.dEALS, s316uis.singles, S3ilddns.suppliES, s6.gs, s6uip1OH.HOLdings, sa.as, sagev.vegas, samtsirhc.christmas, SAX.XYZ, sb.bs, scihparg.graphics, scip.pics, sd.ps, sdnomaid.diamonds, sdrac.cards, se.es, secivres.services, sedoc.codes, seilppus.supplies, seitreporp.properties, selgnis.singles, seohs.shoes, sepicer.recipes, serutnev.ventures, sesirpretne.enterprises, sesiurc.cruises, setaicossa.associates, sg.gs, sgnidloh.holdings, si.is, sia09–nx.xn--90ais, Sid.biZ, sirap.paris, sitarg.gratis, skcor.rocks, skrow.works, slaed.deals, slatner.rentals, sloot.tools, sm.ms, sm.ws, SM.WS, SM3u.nEWS, smetsys.systems, smialc.claims, Sn.nZ, sn.us, sn1d.pLus, snaol.loans, sniamod.domains, snoitacav.vacations, snoitulos.solutions, snVH.Haus, sotohp.photos, sp.ps, spit.tips, spu0WVip.diAMOnds, spuowVip.diAmonds, spuoWVip.diAMonds, sq.bs, sr.rs, srac.cars, sratiug.guitars, sredliub.builders, srentrap.partners, srewolf.flowers, srotcartnoc.contractors, ss3uIsnq.busInEss, ssalg.glass, ssenisub.business, ssentif.fitness, sserp.press, sserpxe.express, SSud.buZZ, SSV16.GLASS, stfig.gifts, stnemtrapa.apartments, stnemtsevni.investments, stneve.events, strap.parts, su.us, Su.uZ, suah.haus, suiVWOp.dOMAins, sulp.plus, suVO1.LOAns, SV.AS, SV63A.VEgAS, SW.MS, sw.ws, sweiver.reviews, swen.news, ta.at, tac.cat, tahc.chat, tcerid.direct, te.et, teid.diet, tekram.market, ten.net, tev.vet, tfig.gift, tg.gt, th.ht, ti.it, tiderc.credit, tif.fit, tl.lt, tnemeganam.management, tnempiuqe.equipment, tner.rent, tnuocsid.discount, tp.pt, trepxe.expert, troper.report, troppus.support, ts.st, tsirolf.florist, tsoh.host, tt.tt, ty.yt, tztej.jetzt, u2.Su, u3IM.WIEn, ua.au, ud.pn, ue.eu, uH.Hn, uh.hu, ui.in, ul.lu, um.mu, un.nu, un3M.MEnu, unem.menu, uoisiA.Vision, uopuo1.London, ur.ru, urug.guru, us.su, uv.vu, uW.Mn, uZ.Su, V1.LA, V3n0M.MOnEY, V3noM.MOnEY, V5.ZA, V6.gA, Vb.qA, Vd.pA, VI5V.ASIA, vih.hiv, VIp3W.MEdIA, VISV.ASIA, vl.lv, Vn.uA, Vq.bA, vs.sv, VS.ZA, vt.tv, VW.MA, VZ.ZA, VZZid.piZZA, Wd.pM, WH.HM, WI.IM, wm.mw, woh.how, wp.pw, wq.bm, wq.pw, wr.rw, wt.tw, WV.AM, X32.SEX, X3S.SEX, X3Z.SEX, xat.tax, xc.cx, xes.sex, xm.mx, xs.sx, XS.SX, xw.mx, xxx.xxx, Y3n0M.MOnEY, Y3noM.MOnEY, Y9.gY, YAbi10H.HOlidAY, YAbil0H.HOlidAY, YAbilOH.HOlidAY, yadiloh.holiday, yadot.today, yb.by, ycnega.agency, Yd.bY, yenom.money, yg.gy, ygolonhcet.technology, ygrene.energy, yhpargotohp.photography, YI5Y.ASIA, YIH.HIV, YIp3w.mEdIA, YISY.ASIA, yl.ly, ylppus.supply, ym.my, ymedaca.academy, ynapmoc.company, Yq.bA, yregrus.surgery, yrellag.gallery, yrotcerid.directory, yrtnuoc.country, ytic.city, ytrap.party, ytreporp.property, yu.uy, YX32.SEXY, YX3Z.SEXY, yxes.sexy, YZZid.piZZA, Z3ilqquZ.suppliES, Z9.gs, Z9nibl0H.HOLdingS, Z9niblOH.HOLdingS, ZA93V.VEgAS, ZAX.XYZ, zb.bz, zc.cz, Zd.bS, zib.biz, ziq.biz, zk.kz, ZlA3b.dEAlS, zn.nz, Zn.uZ, ZniAM0b.dOMAinS, ZniAMOb.dOMAinS, Zq.pS, zt.tz, zu.nz, zu.uz, ZuAH.HAuS, zulq.pluS, ZW.WS, ZW3n.nEWS, zyx.xyz, zz3nizud.buSinEss, zznq.buzz, zzub.buzz, леб.бел, नठगंस.संगठन, 构机.机构, 线在.在线, …

Have some sold? You bet some did. Mainly short ccTLDs:

Symmetrical domain name Year of the sale Price claimed Broker
cc.cc 2006 2,500 USD Private sale
cc.cc 2007 70,000 USD Moniker
ed.de 2009 2,750 EUR Sedo
üe.eu 2009 99 EUR Sedo
3p.dE 2009 1,050 EUR Sedo
3q.bE 2011 1,118 USD Sedo
gg.gg 2012 5,200 GBP Sedo
ej.je 2014 209 USD Flippa
33.EE 2016 4,800 USD Sedo

Now, want a really difficult question? What domain names are enjoying the most possible symmetries? Any guesses here? We can name at least: OOO.OOO, and then with fewer degrees: X2.SX, O5.SO, X3Z.SEX…

Open all references in tabs: [1 – 10]

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