domain hacks

Two months ago successfully brokered Nigerian domain name Sold for $4,999.00 it appears to be the highest .ng domain hack of all times.

What impressed us still, that .NG is currently terra incognita with plenty of investment opportunities.

For those of you interested, below goes the list of top English single word .ng combinations available as of today:

You can use promo code INTERESTI.NG to cut $10 off the registration feed.

Other interesting top hacks that were spotted are:

German speakers shall find many of one words in their language:

Also worth checking are other recent drops with many Chinese names:

Then there are reserved names like Alas, those shorter than three characters have to be purchased from the registry on special contracts. Microsoft was a pioneer in this field with

Special thanks to for sharing the in-house insights on .NG drops. A propos, they are launching a public version of the service later this year. Check them in autumnn, it is a site worth and

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